Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is "Random-Draw"?
Some VBmatch tournaments are "random draw" tournaments. In a "random draw" tournament, you register as an individual and for each pool-play (round-robin) match, you play with a different randomly selected teammate. This format gives you the opportunity to play with different partners and test out your team chemistry.

2. What is "SEMI-Random-Draw" (aka "Matched Pairs")?
Some VBmatch QUAD tournaments are "semi-random-draw" tournaments. I
n a 4's SEMI-random draw tournament, you will have three teammates. The person you enter with will be your Permanent Teammate for the entire tournament (so choose wisely :P). You two will be designated a "Duo" (or "Pair") and will be matched up with various other Duos (Pairs) to form 4-person teams. The "random draw" element of this 4's tournament will be based on the matching of two Duos (Pairs) rather than the matching of four individuals -- hence, the term "SEMI-Random Draw."

3. What LEVEL are VBmatch tournaments?
Some tournaments have a single level while others have two or more levels (e.g. AA, A and B). The number of levels for a particular tournament depends in part on the number of entries received and the levels chosen by the participants. For certain events, VBmatch also offers a Juniors Division for players 14-18. In the Juniors division, girls' competition is separate from boys' competition.

4. How does a MIXED or DUAL format tournament with reverse-coed and coed work?
Some VBmatch tournaments have a Mixed or Dual format. At these tournaments, half of the nets are at men's height and the other half are at women's height. Reverse-coed games are played on the women's nets with men hitting from the 10-foot-line. Coed games are played on the men's nets. Players alternate playing coed and reverse-coed games. Thus, a team must truly dominate in both formats in order to win the tournament.

5. What are the RULES for VBmatch tournaments?
We try to be democratic about game rules and have set certain rules based on what the majority of past participants have preferred (e.g. the legality of let serves, setting a serve, doubling the first-ball over, hand-setting balls over the net, etc.). For a flavor of the game rules, here are links to the Rules from recent VBmatch tournaments: Reverse-Coed Doubles Rules, Men and Women's Doubles Rules, Random-Draw Men and Women's Doubles Rules, and Semi-Random-Draw Reverse-Coed Quads Rules.

The current rules we use have been shaped by player suggestions and votes. Therefore, please CONTACT US if you have any comments or suggestions regarding rules.

6. Why do I have to pay a deposit if a particular tournament is advertised as "Free"?
Certain VBmatch tournaments are free. Hosting a tournament requires a tremendous amount of work. The pool-play schedule for a tournament is often created before hand based on the number of registered teams. It is very disruptive to the tournament when a team or a player cancels at the last minute, checks in late or fails to show up altogether on tournament day. Past experience has shown that the number of late arrivals, last-minute cancellations and "no-shows" decreases dramatically when players are required to pay a refundable deposit.

In addition, random-draw (and semi-random-draw) tournaments require a precise number of players in order to run smoothly. For example, a random-draw men's doubles event requires an even number of players. A random-draw coed event requires an equal number of men and women players. A single cancellation the day before a random draw tournament easily creates 2-4 hours of extra work for the tournament organizer. The deposit helps ensure that players remain commited to playing in the tournament.

. What is the policy for receiving a refund of the deposit for a "Free" tournament?
You will get a refund of your deposit as long as you follow through on your commitment to play in the tournament and show up on time. If you need to cancel, you will get a refund of your deposit if you cancel at least five-days in advance.

8. If I sign-up and pay the entry fee for a tournament but later cancel my registration, will I get a refund of the fees paid?
It depends on how far in advance you cancel. If you cancel your registration at least five days before the tournament date, then you will receive a full refund of what you paid.
Thereafter, partial refunds may be issued in some circumstances. Please see the information page for each tournament for cancellation deadlines for full and partial refunds.

9. What is the tournament cancellation policy?
e reserve the right to cancel any tournament at our sole discretion. In the event of cancellation, all players currently registered at that time will receive a full refund of their paid entry fees and/or paid deposits. A tournament may be canceled for various reasons including, but not limited to: inclement weather; unavailability of the site or facilities for the tournament; inadequate number of entries; schedule conflicts of the tournament organizer; etc. In the unlikely event of a tournament cancellation, notifications will be sent via email. If you do not agree with this cancellation policy or any of the terms for our activities, please do NOT sign up for our activities.

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