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FRIDAY Night Open Gym Volleyball (Redwood City)

VBmatch Weeknight Indoor Volleyball LEAGUES

NEW - Monday East Bay (Berkeley) : Dual-Coed 6s (starts 11/30)

NEW - Monday SF : Random Unisex Reverse-Coed 4s (starts 11/30)

Tuesday SF : Optional Power-Coed 6s (teams recruiting players)

NEW - Wed SF : Optional Power-REVERSE-Coed 6s (starts 12/2)

NEW - Thursday SF : Random Unisex Reverse-Coed 4s (starts 12/3)

Tuesday REDWOOD City : Random Reverse-Coed 4s League (on break)

Friday SF : Random Unisex Reverse-Coed 4s (on break)

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VBmatch hosts both indoor volleyball tournaments and outdoor grass volleyball tournaments all over the San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose Bay Area in Northern California. Past tournament locations have included Alameda, Berkeley, Cupertino, Fremont, Los Altos, Palo Alto, Redwood City, San Francisco, San Jose, San Lorenzo (Hayward area), San Mateo, Stanford and Sunnyvale.

VBmatch.com also hosts adult volleyball leagues (coed league and reverse-coed league) in the Bay Area. Presently, we have San Francisco Leagues. We also have a League in the East Bay (Oakland, Alameda and Berkeley League).

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